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Rockin' Records was founded by S∃AN LAW in Vancouver BC during 2014, though he'd had the idea for the label for many years previous. The first release was completed in December 2014, but not distributed to the public until early January 2015.

Mission Statement


Rockin' Records is an independent record label, focussing on Guitar-based Rock'n'Roll recordings. The label is based in Vancouver BC, though the artists represented on the catalog hail from a variety of regions in Canada, the U.S.A., and England. Rockin' Records does NOT solicit demos, Thank You. 

Current Catalog


Currently available via MAIL-ORDER 

RR701 Hurricane Felix

RR702 Twin Guns

RR703 The Margraves

RR704 Miss Amy Griffin

RR705 The Dalharts

RR706 Marieke & The Go Get’Em Boys

 RR707 Vince Ray’s Loser Machine

RR708 Shaun Young & The Texas Blue Dots

RR709 The WildTones

JINX J701 The Knights Of Trash

Sleeves printed by Thingmaker, download card included. Records are $10 US each. Order two and save on postage! If ordering more than two please contact for rates first! 

One (or two) records can be sent for the following postal rates (US$):

Canada: $2.50. 

USA: $6.80. 

UK/Europe: $9.05. 

Japan: $9.05. 

Australia: $9.25. 

Records are sent in a sturdy mailer!  


law_sean@hotmail. com


Thanks! These records are also available at Amoeba Music on Haight Street in San Francisco and Neptoon Records on Main Street in Vancouver.

the wildtones! - RR709

'Pretty Boy' video, created by UK comedy genius Greig Johnson! 

The WildTones are from Orlando Florida! 

vince ray's loser machine! - RR707

Vince Ray's Loser Machine - 'Black Shadow' (live version) - by BOPFLIX UK. 

Miss Amy griffin - rr704

Boston area guitarist, recorded at The Madrona Ranch in Seattle Washington! 

twin guns - rr702

Dark Garage from Brooklyn NY! 

twin guns - rr702

Cover of The John Barry Seven's theme for a Noir UK TV show from 1963! 

Twin Guns are from Brooklyn New York! 

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This is a retail site. We do not accept demos, Thanks!  

Rockin' Records